Phpfox v4 Theme
Phpfox v4 Theme


Download and Install the following Apps from your admincp
- TMtabslider

Download here

Install the theme from your admincp

admincp > themes > create new theme

Clone: Blank Theme
Name: Sociable

Extract the theme package from your computer and upload the folder "sociable" in this directory:

Set the theme to "default"

admincp > theme > sociable > edit > set to default

Add some featured photos

photos > view photo > edit > make featured

Add some featured users

admincp > members > search > make featured

Add slides in the tmtabslider

admincp > apps > tmtabslider > add slide

Set the following fields:

Group ID: sociableslide
Ordering: (eg 0,1,2...)
Title: Your slide title
Title Link: (This is direct URL includes "http://")
Is Block: No
Language Phrase: No
Description: (the text that will show below the title)
Image: (upload the image to show beside the title)
Active: Yes

To replace background images you need to replace this file via FTP or filemanager


To replace the text in the homepage you can edit this file:


Find and replace necessary text.

Replace social icon links

Edit this file


<li><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-facebook" aria-hidden="true">

NOTE: Clear site cache after making changes.

That's it!